Duggie Dundas


With the aid of electronic components and digital manufacturing techniques, Duggie Dundas is a designer and new media artist who creates machines and devices. As well as using design to find answers, Duggie invites his audience to ask questions, encouraging them to be curious. His aim is that they will rediscover the joy of playing and exploring - asking 'How does this work?' or 'What is that made of?'

Why does he do this you ask? Well, that's just encouraging him.


Duggie will happily consider any commission you have in mind. From a castle for cows to a website for ants, no task is too big or small.
Please get in touch with your idea on the contact page.

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Awards & Exhibitions

(2022) What a Joke!, AIR Gallery, Altrincham
(2021) AIR Open 2021, AIR Gallery, Altrincham
(2021) iAtelier Artist Residency, Craft Council & Crafting Europe
(2020) 'Working in 3D' winner for The Sketchbook Competition
(2020) 'The least "sketchbook" sketchbook' winner for The Sketchbook Competition
(2017) Manchester School of Art Foundation Alumni Award

Rejected Applications...

(2022) AiR Goyki 3
(2022) Glow/Lightwaves Pilot Project
(2022) Narva Venice Artist Residency
(2022) S1 | Chatsworth Residency 2022
(2022) Artist Network TSM Bursaries
(2022) Hand in Hand Residency by Z-Arts & Lancaster Arts
(2022) Pforzheim Designers in Residence
(2021) Narva Venice Artist Residency
(2021) Holden Gallery Graduate Award
(2021) Creative Industries Trafford Award
(2021) Northen Voices by Manchester Collective